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You MUST work harder to succeed (or must you?)

By July 24, 2019May 13th, 2020No Comments

Here is a classic example of flow blockage, and it’s something that has been with American society (not to mention virtually every society in history) for centuries.

If you’re like most people, ever since you were a child you were told that if you work hard you will get ahead — the longer hours and the more you devote to a job the more money you will make. And, of course, there is that cliche a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Growing up I worked in a factory where people were always talking about getting more hours to get ahead. When I entered the white collar world people talked about working weekends and nights to impress the boss.

This all sounds noble, right? Well, I used to think so until I read the original Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. This book was a revelation and taught me the different between working hard and working smart. Historically, if you look at those who made money or were a success they got there not be working more hours, but by working smarter.

Does this tie into flow? Absolutely! Now flow isn’t about having the most money or the biggest house, but it is about being successful as you define it. In flow, there is no “working harder” or “working longer” in order to succeed. It is doing what you are supposed to do and all else will fall in place.

For example, I used to work at an advertising agency. You were expected to stay there 8 – 10 hours working. Yet I worked fast and got most of my work done in two hours, generating the same “profit” as if I had worked eight hours. So was I a slacker because I didn’t “work hard” eight hours? Hardly.

The world is gradually learning the concept of working smarter. You have the secret now!


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