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Twilight Zone versus Trader Joe’s

The neat thing about flow is that it comes in handy in the most unusual ways. Take what happened to me the other day.

I’ve been buying these rice chips at Trader Joe’s that are sold under the Trader Joe’s brand. I’ve been buying them for at least six months, at the same Trader Joe’s […]

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The last SuperBowl?

So the SuperBowl is over for another year and everyone is celebrating one way or another. The news was full of Packer fans partying away and, of course, reviews of the best commercials from the event.

But, like so many things in this media-driven world, all the jubilation is masking something the complete opposite. What […]

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A strong Constitution (or so I say so!)

You probably heard that a Florida district judge, Roger Vinson, ruled that the government healthcare mandate, commonly called Obamacare, is unconstitutional since the Constitution says (in HIS opinion) that the federal government cannot force individual American citizens to pay for insurance.

The reason this issue has a lot to do with flow is that this […]

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