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What’s it all about?

Founded by David Leigh Weber, Learn About Flow initially started as a side business to David’s regular work as a copywriter and content strategist. When working with his marketing clients, many of whom were extremely successful business people, he would listen to their life stories — and they would fit a familiar pattern. No matter how much they accomplished in life many still felt stuck, unfulfilled, and wondering if true contentment was even possible. These issues were often combined with fear, anxiety, worry and similar emotions.

What David also discovered was that his clients had tried various self-help programs and other modalities, but nothing seemed to bring them the contentment in life they sought, especially when it came to their careers. They simply couldn’t figure out why they were so good at some things and yet struggled with others.

That’s when David discovered flow, a concept that both explained what his clients were going through and what he was experiencing in his own life. By finding and understanding their flow everything in life suddenly becomes simpler, more effortless and even much more cost effective. There is no guessing about situations, even if all the facts aren’t known.

All of which means when you are in flow, anything is literally possible, including becoming the person you were always meant to be.

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