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Never make a decision again (And always be right!)

By February 1, 2020May 13th, 20205 Comments

Here’s another one of those controversial blogs people often disagree with. Common wisdom dictates that decision making is a key component to success – make the right decisions in life and you will have it made.

Well, the reality is when you are in flow, know your true life’s purpose, there is no such thing as decision making. You KNOW the answers already even if you do not know the outcome. You see, when you get the point of making a decision it means there is a flow blockage somewhere. You don’t want to make the decision, you are afraid of making it, or any number of other issues. This especially applies to “pro and con” lists where you list all the positives and negatives and then “decide” which course of action is right.

Sound fantastic? Not really. Remember, you ALWAYS know the right course of action. Always. Take job hunting for example. If you can’t decide between two jobs it means there is a blockage somewhere. Solution? Play this game with yourself – both jobs have the same outcome (salary, success rate, advancement etc.). Now which job do you choose? If you still can’t decide it means you are avoiding a big issue somewhere. Are you afraid of success? Are you afraid of taking the higher paying job because you know it will stress you out? Are you afraid you can’t do the job regardless of which one you choose?

I’ve used “decisionless” decision making for years now and the results alway surprise me. Anytime I start over thinking choices, making decisions, I end up with the wrong course of action. But when I follow my flow and listen to my true inside self I always succeed, even if it’s not how I initially thought it would turn out.

Eliminating decisions from your life is especially crucial in this day and age. The world is changing far to fast to look at things “logically”. After all, it was logical to invest with Lehman Brothers, logical to buy a house at the top of the market in 2006, logical to think offshore drilling was safe, and so on.

Try it yourself. Start with something small (like “deciding” which restaurant to eat at tonight) and then hit the bigger stuff. Ignore input from friends, family and society as they will approach things from what seems logical (which is usually not the case). Just listen to yourself and you’ll find yourself far ahead of the game, each and every time!


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