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Sorry for not posting for a week. I’ve been hit with a really bad case of the flu, and have been unable to post with any frequency. Will be posting real soon, and thanks for all your support!

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Obama and Hitler, together at last!

There is an old saying in debating circles that if someone doesn’t have an argument they employ Nazis or Hitler in their defense. Things like, “Hitler was a vegetarian” and “Hitler wasn’t a Christian” (he was) have been used more often than not.

I bring this up thanks to the North Iowa Tea Party and […]

You’re a failure. Yahoo! says so!

Every morning I get online and check the news from a few sources, starting with Yahoo! I find Yahoo! extremely interesting as it dawned on me that it is 100% representative of the “Old Guard”, the world without flow and with flow blockages.

Their “news” is heavily weighted towards “look how amazing celebrities and the […]

Do I have free will?

When discussing flow, your true life’s purpose, an inevitable question is whether you have free will. After all, if you are “forced” into following a certain way of life (flow) doesn’t it mean you have no free will of your own?

The answer is not what you’d expect. Let me explain. What is the purpose […]

Sarah Palin tells the truth (just don’t verify it)

I do try to make some semblance of impartiality when it comes to politics. Yes, I’m not a Republican, but I’m certainly not a Democrat either. Yet the recent activities of Sarah Palin and her crew are just too good to pass up as a lesson in flow.

Reading from a prepared speech before a […]