Frequently asked questions

What is flow?

Flow is universal energy that is flowing through you 24/7. It’s what makes you “you” and encompasses everything from your likes and dislikes to what makes you successful. Flow is unique to every person, so your flow isn’t necessarily like anyone else’s flow. You can think of flow like a river that is flowing in a positive direction.

When you follow your flow, you are your most successful at everything you do. Why? Because everything comes naturally to you and there is no struggle to succeed.

Finding your flow is especially crucial in these uncertain times. From housing to jobs to the price of gas everything is in flux, all the time. That means you need a solid foundation built around you, and that starts with your flow. When you know yourself on a core level you know which course of action is the right one, each and every time.

What prevents people from finding their flow?

Problems in life are caused by flow blockages, those things that prevent your flow from literally flowing and thus impede your success. Flow blockages come from three main sources: friends, family, and society. For example, let’s say you want to start your own business and know it’s your flow. You’re all excited until friends and family tell you you’re crazy. Then society tells you most businesses fail in the first year, you’re risking your retirement, etc. All this negativity blocks your flow, and you soon think starting a new business is wrong. So you go back to your “safe” job even though you hate it. This causes you to ultimately dislike everything in your life, creating even more blockages.

How does flow apply to the real world?

Whether you realize it or not, everything you do in life revolves around flow. Why do you get along with some people and not others? Why are you excited about some projects and hate others? Why do you look forward to Mondays (or dread them)? All of that has to do with flow!

That’s why understanding your own flow is crucial to your own success, whatever your current life situation. Flow eliminates bureaucracy, brings quick and positive results to any given task, and accelerates your life path in ways you can’t imagine — it evens saves you money! What’s more, since you don’t live in a vacuum, all the other aspects of your life are successful as well — everything from your relationship to truly enjoying your free time without worrying.

How do I find my flow/where do I start?

You have lived with flow blockages most of your life, so finding and understanding your flow can seem hard at first. Best advice is to start slow with something simple, something you know is blocking you but isn’t ‘major’ such as finding a new job. Flow reinforces itself, so once you start you’ll find it gets easier!

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What is the book My Life Has No Purpose!

My Life Has No Purpose! is an award-winning book that is both the story of David Leigh Weber’s journey with flow and a great guide on how to find your own flow. The original title of the book was going to be Understanding Flow. Check it out or click on a link below

Isn’t this just another self help program?

No. Traditional self help programs focus on the external, encouraging you to ‘think’ your way out of blockages using a one-size-fits-all approach. If you (and everybody else!) do X the result will be Y that will make your life wonderful. Such methods neglect to take your flow into account, who you are as a unique person. This is why the majority of diets and exercise programs don’t work — people approach them ‘intellectually’ telling themselves they will succeed without understanding who they are as a person.

Research bears this out. A University of Waterloo experiment, as reported in Psychological Science, demonstrated that positive thinking, the core of self help programs, only works when the thinking aligns with a person’s own self perception.

That is why Learn About Flow is different. Our approach teaches you to start with yourself first, then apply what you’ve learned to whatever you want to accomplish. You’ll be amazed at the results since everything is done both seamlessly and naturally!

Another great way to start your journey? My Life Has No Purpose!

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