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Get the most controversial book you may ever read!

My Life Has No Purpose! empowers you to find your true purpose, your real passion in life. That translates to success on every level — job, school, relationships, you name it. Why is that controversial? Most people let others determine their purpose. Unfortunately, these “others” have a vested interest in conformity. You must fit their definition of your purpose.

My Life Has No Purpose! challenges centuries of conformist thinking by teaching you how to find your own purpose using your own innate gifts.

Stop believing things will happen. Start knowing they will!

Chances are you were taught to believe you’ll pass the test, to hope you’ll get the job, to have faith that your relationship is fine, etc. Well, that doesn’t work. You end up living in denial and that makes things worse. My Life Has No Purpose! gives you the tools to know, on a core level, what is really going on. You’re instantly released from any guessing games or “maybe I’m not right about this” scenarios. You live your life for you!

Gain superhero powers (really!)

  • Learn the secrets to decision-less decision making. Never make another decision in your life yet always be successful
  • Predict the future (and save yourself wasted time, effort, and money in process)
  • Understand exactly what’s going on in any situation
  • Grasp what the universe is telling you, good and bad. If you’re like me and failed every accounting course chances are the universe is telling you not to be an accountant!
  • Achieve unparalleled success in even the worst circumstances
  • Resolve issues from your core, not your intellect
  • Be 100% content and successful in mind, body, spirit
  • And much more!

Face it, you’re a failure

Intentional or not, friends, family and society put all these demands and expectations on you that aren’t realistic. When you don’t live up to them (whatever that means!) you see yourself as a failure because they see you as one. My Life Has No Purpose! outlines how such demands are literally unnatural — you ARE meant to be successful from the day you were born. So it is impossible for you to be a failure unless something is preventing you from doing so!

It’s like the surfer example above. He’s a failure in the eyes of his Alaskan friends, family and society. But he’s not one and never was. His purpose simply didn’t fit with their artificial definitions of his purpose .

Learn how it got this way

It’s easy to think things have always been as they are. The fact is society changes all the time — and so do your friends and family. That means it is impossible for someone, anyone, else to tell you what your purpose is. Take their advice, yes. But only you know what makes you your most successful. My Life Has No Purpose! offers a great overview of this misunderstood fact of life, with extensive examples that prove the only way to truly succeed in life is to follow your own inner purpose.

Oh God, not another self help book!

I know so many people that are frustrated with self help books. They feel like they’ve failed because their lives don’t turn out like the books said they would. Guess what? Research backs this up! A recent report in Psychological Science proves that many people end up more depressed and sad after reading self help books. Why? The advice given is not in line with the readers’ inner purpose.

My Life Has No Purpose! is different. Way different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. How can there possibly be one? You and your true life’s purpose are 100% unique! What you will learn is how to align your outside world with you — who you are and what you’re about. You’ll empower yourself, possibly for the first time, regardless of whatever your current circumstances are.

This book is not for everyone

Many people today are taught to externalize, to rely on others to save them or tell them what to do in life. They ignore their own selves in the process. If they succeed it’s only because their pursuits happen to coincide with their inner purpose.

My Life Has No Purpose! is not for those people. It’s a hands-on guide for those ready to start from their core and work outwards. For those truly ready to understand themselves and the world around with incredible clarity. For those sick and tired of fear, denial, “do as I say” pronouncements, and all the rest of the blockages that make life unnecessarily hard.

If you’re ready to take a journey into yourself unlike ever before, you’re ready for My Life Has No Purpose!

Yes, it’s that controversial

How can a book like this be controversial? After all, its goal it to help you empower yourself. The reality is there are a lot of vested interests out there. People and organizations that do not want you to think for yourself, to find your own inner purpose. Why? They have their own agendas and need you to fit into them regardless of who you really are. If you independently discover your own path it threatens their ability to control you.

Yet the biggest reason this book is controversial is because it 100% challenges what people believe about themselves. From childhood, most people are taught blockages to their success. These can be anything from constantly being called a failure to simply being told, “you can’t do that because it’s not your place”. This programming sticks with people for life. It’s all they’ve ever known and they assume it’s true. My Life Has No Purpose! challenges everything they hold dear, no matter how dysfunctional or irrational. It’s like being shown the earth is round when your entire life you were told it was flat — you want to believe it’s still flat.

Do as I say, not as I do (yeah, like that’s going to work!)

My Life Has No Purpose! was decades in the making. Why? I was a total victim of fear, denial, and what other people said my purpose was. This frustrated my life to no end. I wasted endless time, effort and money trying to fit in with society. It wasn’t until I learned the secrets contained in this book that everything started to make sense, and my life got dramatically better. The most eye opening (and depressing!) thing I learned was that I always had the power to be successful, just like you do.

That’s why I wrote the book. If everyone understood how to listen to their inner selves, to find their own purpose, so much more could be accomplished on this planet.


You have nothing to lose and yourself to gain!