The end of the world is here!

With all the chaos going on these days it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the world is ending. Indeed, watch any given news program, especially one with a religious bent, and you will hear this loud and clear.

God hates you, loves me. Here’s why.

Religious fanaticism offers an endless supply of flow blockage examples. Rather than tackle real issues, such as helping the unemployed, homeless and so on, it’s much easier to pick a target and say God is mad at it. That way you can raise funds, add membership, get media exposure and more. This past […]

Morals today, gone tomorrow

While I was sick I got to watch a lot of movies. I especially love older movies as they often represent what society considered flow (or what those in power wanted society to say was flow) at the time. Two particularly interesting movies I viewed were from the 1930s. One was a talkie called […]

The Bhopal disaster. Where is God?

Here is an issue that brings flow to the forefront, as hard as it is to fathom.

On December 3, 1984 at Union Carbide pesticide plant released 40 tons of toxic gas that killed 4,000 instantly and 15,000 over time. To date it ranks as the worst industrial disaster in history. Today, June 7, 2010, […]

New teleseminar – The Third Way: Building YOUR foundation for success in today’s uncertain world

Today’s world is simply too unpredictable and chaotic for the traditional way of doing things to work. What’s needed is a new approach, one that truly gives you the tools necessary to succeed in any circumstance, anywhere, anytime.

That’s where The Third Way – Building your foundation for success in today’s chaotic world comes in.

This […]