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Why choose David Weber, The Flow Guru?


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Your audience is looking for solid answers in this chaotic time. The old paradigms are gone, and the new paradigms are ever changing. How do you succeed in such chaos? Embrace change by being the change. These lectures teach your audience how.

Pep talks are out. Actionable & vital information is in. Each lecture is precisely designed to empower your group with tools and techniques that can change their lives from day one.

• A great return on investment — long after the lecture ends. Regardless of topic, these lectures introduce key life skills that work on an endless number of levels. What does that mean for your group? Increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, a new sense of contentment, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Attributes that that last a lifetime!


• Lectures that fit your budget and operations. Technology is a great thing, so let’s use it! I offer private teleconferences, video conferences, and webinars in addition to traditional in-person events. Content is king, just decide on the best way for your group to receive it.




Lectures that impact!

What makes a lecture great? It’s when your audience gains life-changing knowledge and incredible inspiration that lasts long after the speech is over. This is what I offer via topics incorporating flow, your “true-life purpose”.

New ideas for a new era

The world has changed, and much of what people thought they could rely on has been radically altered or disappeared altogether. That means a new approach is necessary, for work, for home, for life!

That approach is what I teach. Based on the concepts from my new book, My Life Has No Purpose, your audience will learn how to embrace change by BEING the change. They gain, possibly for the first time ever, the tools and techniques needed to accomplish any task, any life challenge, with incredible success, satisfaction, and ease.

The result? They leave the lecture with actionable knowledge, information they can put to use immediately! This goes far beyond the typical “feel good” speech so prevalent today.

Whatever your group’s area of expertise or interest, these lectures make an ideal complement, one they will thank you for time and time again.

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