With all the chaos going on these days it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the world is ending. Indeed, watch any given news program, especially one with a religious bent, and you will hear this loud and clear. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, one religious pundit stated loud and clear on national television that the Obama administration is hastening the end of days as the pundit claims God is not happy.

What is really going on here?

1. The concept of the world ending has been around since the beginning of time. Look at any historical period and you will see there were endless claims the world was ending because things were so bad. All the panic over Y2K (the world was going to end in 2000), including claims the Bible and other religious texts proved the world was ending, can also be seen in records from the year 1000. It is, unfortunately currently part of the human condition and nothing new unlike what the current crop of doomsayers would have you believe.

2. Doomsday predictions are an easy way to gain control of people. Those who look to profit and/or control people by making such predictions know it’s an easy path to get what they want. The pundit described above has sold millions of books revolving around doomsday predictions. And because the doomsday hasn’t happened yet, it’s easy to string people along.

3. “The world is ending” mentality is a true blockage to your success. If you and those around you think the world is ending then what is the point of going on with anything? After all, isn’t it all truly wasted effort? That’s why I find it so funny that those who claim the world is ending are still going to their jobs, making money, buying cars & homes, etc. Of course, you go on living but your heart isn’t in it.

4. When you believe the world is ending it’s easy to avoid your own life’s problems. You focus on what might be and neglect the reality of your own existence. This, again, is detrimental as so many things can fall through the cracks and you may end up worse off than before you thought the end was near.

Reading the above you might agree but then say, “yeah, but things have never been as bad as they are now.” Well, have they? From the Spanish Inquisition to Nazi concentration camps to the recent Haiti earthquake people have said the world was ending. Horrible events, yes, but not tied to the world ending in any way, shape or form. Which brings the topic full circle to your own flow. Flow is about success, and success does not involve doomsday scenarios.