Wow, listen to the media today and you would think we are in the midst of a revolution, voters incredibly angry about how Obama ruined this country and how we need to get back to the good ole days of the Bush era.

The fact of the matter is nothing has changed. You see, the Tea Party is an organization that is based on negativity — it only exists to promote itself and to degrade any opposition. That would normally be standard operating procedure in politics but the Tea Party has NO where to go from here. They are so against everything they have zero plans as to how to fix anything. ALL that is going to happen over the next two years (until the 2012 presidential election) is endless gridlock.

Of course, the Tea Party will continue its undying support of both communism and state-sponsored terrorism. Shocking, you say? Not really. The U.S. taxpayer currently owes more than $400 BILLION to the communist Chinese (via Treasury Bonds) to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The more the U.S. goes to war, the more in debt we are to communism. You will never hear this at any Tea Party meeting, of course.

Then there is the terrorism angle. Every legitimate petroleum expert/geologist on earth has clearly stated that even if the U.S. drilled everywhere the Tea Party members want it to America will NEVER be able to support is oil habit. NEVER. That means all the gas guzzling habits the Tea Party members wholeheartedly support are, in reality, directly supporting Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries associated with terrorism. And this will never, ever end until the U.S. changes its consumption habits.
There are real winners in these elections, of course. Sarah Palin made $12 million last year promoting the Tea Party. Rush Limbaugh makes $25 million a year. Glenn Beck rakes in millions as well. Yet their core supporters get nothing in return. Does anyone seriously think the U.S. economy is going to rebound so that all the foreclosures disappear and that jobs are going to be plentiful just because of the election? NO, because the Tea Party members have NO plan, just “anger” towards the “establishment”.

The biggest irony of the Tea Party is the fact that if Sarah Palin and the rest lived in the 1770’s they would be on the side of the British. The Tea Party today is about as mainstream as you can get, and the immigration issue proves it. All these “on the fence” Republicans suddenly changed their stances to coincide with the so-called public’s wishes. Funny, I don’t remember George Washington or Thomas Jefferson changing their stances based on how the wind blew.

Sorry folks, but today’s Tea Party is about as radical as ordering silver paint for your new car instead of white. Their current “win” in the elections reminds me of the musical “Hair”. I loved the show, but the majority of the play is about how the hippies are AGAINST everything, just like the Tea Party. Then the next day, at the end of the play, they all wake up and say, “What do we do now?” This is exactly where the Tea Party members are today – what do they do now? They have no plan, other than to cause gridlock for the next two years.

All this will change, and change soon. As more people get into their flow (including you I hope!) they will realize that things like the Tea Party and “die hard” Democrats are really an impediment to progress. A true flow government would be made up of MANY political parties representing the TRUE will of the people. Today, as had been said many times, all we have is the different sides of the same coin.