So the SuperBowl is over for another year and everyone is celebrating one way or another. The news was full of Packer fans partying away and, of course, reviews of the best commercials from the event.

But, like so many things in this media-driven world, all the jubilation is masking something the complete opposite. What you won’t hear about in the media, at least not yet, is that the NFL players’ union and the team owners are at such loggerheads with contract negotiations that the 2011 – 2012 season may not even take place.

On March 3rd the union contract is up and then all bets are off. And the players have already created a “union fund” of $60K per player in case there is a strike. The NFL has deeper pockets (happens with billionaire owners) so both sides are prepared financially.

The reason I bring this up is because of America’s hypocrisy around this issue. What am I talking about? The current American consensus is that unions are bad and have ruined this country. This, of course, has been fueled by both the Republicans and the most ‘obvious’ union in America – autoworkers. If you read blogs or commentary on unions most people will cite the autoworkers union as the prime example of how ‘evil’ unions are. Wal-Mart even forces new hires to watch a video about how bad unions are for today’s economy.

So unions are incredibly evil  . . . until you start talking about professional sports. Then suddenly unions are okay and people want the strike resolved and players to ‘get their fair share’. As I’ve mentioned before, this is similar to a roommate I had in college. He and his family were very racist and truly thought black people were inferior – unless you were talking about sports figures. Then, suddenly, ‘these’ blacks are to be admired if not envied. Huh?

And that’s where your flow comes in. Whether you like unions or not, the point is you cannot be hypocritical on such things. Yeah, overpaid football players probably aren’t the #1 worry in your life. But with what other issues in your life are you using a double standard?

I used to think I didn’t live with double standards. Then I looked at various issues on which I was acting that way. So I made a conscious choice to “stick to my guns” whatever the issue, which really means I stick to flow. I will not tolerate hypocrisy in anyone or any organization (like when the Boy Scouts claim to be training boys to be solid citizens yet teach them to hate gay people and atheists), and NOW I won’t tolerate it in myself!