God hates you, loves me. Here’s why.

Religious fanaticism offers an endless supply of flow blockage examples. Rather than tackle real issues, such as helping the unemployed, homeless and so on, it’s much easier to pick a target and say God is mad at it. That way you can raise funds, add membership, get media exposure and more. This past […]

Never make a decision again (And always be right!)

Here’s another one of those controversial blogs people often disagree with. Common wisdom dictates that decision making is a key component to success – make the right decisions in life and you will have it made.

Well, the reality is when you are in flow, know your true life’s purpose, there is no such thing […]

A new perspective on fear, part three

So you don’t fight fear, overcome it, or try to battle it. You ELIMINATE it altogether. It simply does not and cannot exist if you are in flow. Think of it as something that is just not part of your life at all — like surfing if you live in Minnesota. Something that is […]

A new perspective on fear, part two

Again, keep in mind fear does not exist in flow. That means to overcome it you have to take a radically different approach to dealing with it. “Overcome” isn’t really the right word. It makes fear sound like an obstacle that will show up again — you overcome fear this time but it will […]

I’ve done everything right and it’s not working!

I was reading an article on Noam Chomsky (he’s a radical thinker shunned by the right AND the left) and he was saying how he listens to talk radio to hear the callers, not the hosts. The reason is that many people calling the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are consistently saying […]