I wish my kid was an unwed teenage mom

I’ve talked about this before but the issues keep proving my point over and over again.

Sarah Palin, arch conservative and evangelical Christian, claims to carry the torch for “real America” and family values. Keep in mind the concept of “family values” basically started with the Reagan administration, so we’re talking 30 years ago. Family […]

Obama and Hitler, together at last!

There is an old saying in debating circles that if someone doesn’t have an argument they employ Nazis or Hitler in their defense. Things like, “Hitler was a vegetarian” and “Hitler wasn’t a Christian” (he was) have been used more often than not.

I bring this up thanks to the North Iowa Tea Party and […]

Sarah Palin tells the truth (just don’t verify it)

I do try to make some semblance of impartiality when it comes to politics. Yes, I’m not a Republican, but I’m certainly not a Democrat either. Yet the recent activities of Sarah Palin and her crew are just too good to pass up as a lesson in flow.

Reading from a prepared speech before a […]

The Tea Party loses (again!)

Wow, listen to the media today and you would think we are in the midst of a revolution, voters incredibly angry about how Obama ruined this country and how we need to get back to the good ole days of the Bush era.

The fact of the matter is nothing has changed. You see, the […]