I wish my kid was an unwed teenage mom

I’ve talked about this before but the issues keep proving my point over and over again.

Sarah Palin, arch conservative and evangelical Christian, claims to carry the torch for “real America” and family values. Keep in mind the concept of “family values” basically started with the Reagan administration, so we’re talking 30 years ago. Family […]

God hates you, loves me. Here’s why.

Religious fanaticism offers an endless supply of flow blockage examples. Rather than tackle real issues, such as helping the unemployed, homeless and so on, it’s much easier to pick a target and say God is mad at it. That way you can raise funds, add membership, get media exposure and more. This past […]

More political hypocrisy (how smoke and mirrors continue to drive government policy)

I don’t like to dwell on a single issue very long since there is so much about flow to talk about. But the recent possible appeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” regarding gay Americans serving openly has, yet again, proven how important knowledge through flow is.

Let me explain. Politicians and other leaders thrive when […]

It’s good to be selfish (really!)

Surprising title, right? Well, the reality is this new era is really about being selfish! I’m not talking about “greed is good” selfish or acting like an obnoxious oaf. I’m talking about what being selfish really means — you take care of yourself first and then help others.

Religions, society, the media, family and your […]

The Tea Party loses (again!)

Wow, listen to the media today and you would think we are in the midst of a revolution, voters incredibly angry about how Obama ruined this country and how we need to get back to the good ole days of the Bush era.

The fact of the matter is nothing has changed. You see, the […]