The end of the world is here!

With all the chaos going on these days it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the world is ending. Indeed, watch any given news program, especially one with a religious bent, and you will hear this loud and clear.

I’m giving everything to charity (just ignore how I got it)

You may have heard that Bill & Melinda Gates (together the richest people in the world) have combined efforts with Warren Buffett (the second richest person in the world) to create a $600 billion challenge. Basically, they are asking the world’s super rich (even Oprah!) to contribute 50% or more of their net worth […]

Zombie attack! (Another life lesson in flow and true life’s purpose)

I stumbled upon this interesting movie called Fido the other day. It’s a satirical comedy about 1950’s America with one twist — people turn into zombies after they die.

I encourage you to watch the movie from a flow perspective. Why? It is a fantastic example of how friends, family and society can create flow […]

Can’t have kids? You can’t get married. That’s the law!

You’ve probably heard that here in California there is a huge legal battle over Proposition 8, the now-law that states marriage is only between a man and a woman. The interesting thing about this legal battle is the ongoing legal maneuvering the proponents of Prop. 8 are going through. This has included everything from […]

Things were better in the old days

You’ve heard the phrase before, or others like “that was the golden age” or “those best years of my life”. You’ve probably said them yourself in one form or another.

People generally use these phrases when they are unhappy in their current circumstances or they are uncomfortable with change, whether real or perceived. I always […]