I’ve talked about this before but the issues keep proving my point over and over again.

Sarah Palin, arch conservative and evangelical Christian, claims to carry the torch for “real America” and family values. Keep in mind the concept of “family values” basically started with the Reagan administration, so we’re talking 30 years ago. Family values, as defined by Republicans, include such things as no sex before marriage, heterosexual marriage, monogamous dating (you don’t date multiple people), and so on. It was only sinners and liberals who didn’t follow these strict edicts, and of course the Bible backed it all.

Fast forward to 2010. Sarah Palin, who claims to adhere to family values, has a teenage daughter who got pregnant and wasn’t married. This was supposed to be a sin and something very shameful. In fact, Reagan era Republicans clearly stated that any such teenage pregnancy was essentially the fault of the parents. The parents didn’t raise their children in the proper Christian way.

Instead, the following has happened and is now praised by Republicans as evidenced by Sarah Palin’s huge popularity as the Tea Party’s lead spokesperson:

– Bristol Palin, the unwed teenage mother, gets up to $30,000 a speech telling other teenagers why being a teenage mom is bad (no mixed messages there!)

– Bristol Palin and her baby’s daddy Levi Johnston make the cover of many popular magazines including Harper’s Bazaar. Reason? They are allegedly engaged and getting married. (Over two years since she got pregnant)

– Levi Johnston, good Christian that he is, posed for Playgirl magazine in nothing but boxing gloves

– Levi Johnston, good Christian that he is, is one of three possible fathers of his ex-girlfriend’s new baby. Seems when Johnston and Palin were “broken up” Johnston decided having unprotected sex with his ex-girlfriend was a good thing. His ex, Lanesia Garcia, was with two other guys having unprotected sex during the same week

– The Palin family claims that they do not want their daughter to marry Johnston even though this, again, runs counter to the family values mantras stemming from the Reagan era. Basically, if you get a girl pregnant you must marry her to be right in the eyes of God.

The above are yet more clear examples of flow blockages. Society, in this case conservative Republicans, said family values were set in stone. This is how you MUST behave in order to be “moral” and be “right” in the eyes of God. Yet today none of this applies anymore, and society is praising the exact opposite.

This is why it is so vital you follow your own flow. Society changes its definition of what is “right” and “proper” all the time. Only flow stays constant and only through flow can you find success in any circumstance.