Religious fanaticism offers an endless supply of flow blockage examples. Rather than tackle real issues, such as helping the unemployed, homeless and so on, it’s much easier to pick a target and say God is mad at it. That way you can raise funds, add membership, get media exposure and more. This past week had a treasure trove of such examples:

• At the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, Margie Phelps was protesting. Margie is the daughter of Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. You may have heard of the Phelps troops before — their mission in life is to protest soldier funerals, “gay related” funerals, and high profile events in order to show America that acceptance of gays is dooming the country. No other issue is as important to God according to the Phelps. In an interview with Margie, reporter Bob Calhoun asked her why she was doing what she was doing. Her answer boiled down to this – she and her Westboro Baptist Church clan were right and approved by God, all others were sinners (including most other evangelists). All other discussion was futile.

• Which brings me to another news story. In New York City and other cities in America people are protesting the building of mosques. (In NYC they want to construct a multi-story one on the site of the 9/11 disaster.) Seems mosque = Islam = terrorism. While these people claim no racial bias, one protest group beat up two Egyptians who were there to protest the mosque building. Seems Arab = terrorist. Except, of course, if you’re hungry. Protesters had no problem buying hot dogs from a nearby middle eastern vendor.

The above is especially ironic since, according to these same people, all Muslims are exactly the same (read: terrorists). Yet clearly not all Christians are the same. Tell these protesters Hitler was a Christian (look it up), Ted Bundy was a Christian, pedophile Catholic priests are Christians, and so on and you will get an earful. Seems only “good” Christians are Christians, and that definition varies from one group to another.

• On September 11, 2010 the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, will have an “International Burn A Quran (Koran) Day”. This is the same nondenominational church that has an “Islam is of the devil” sign on its front lawn. According Pastor Terry Jones, author of the book Islam is of the Devil, the purpose of these activities is to give Muslims an opportunity to convert. Hands up if you think this primarily white congregation is going to welcome non-white ex-Muslims with open arms.

• This is an addendum to my original post. Such outrageous claims are so prevalent they appear daily. I won’t keep updating this post but I had to add this one. Tim LaHaye, evangelical Christian minister and author of the Left Behind book series, told Fox News today that the Obama administration’s policies are bringing the Apocalypse (when God smites everyone but “good” Christians) closer. LaHaye claims we are “definitely living in the end of days”. The message is clear: if you don’t want to make God angry don’t support Obama. Of course, I find it hilarious that all these fundamentalists are praying for the end of days (LaHaye’s entire book series is devoted to it) yet are afraid for it to come. Logic dictates these same people would want Obama to continue his “sinful ways” so that God will come sooner.

I fully admit these examples are extreme and are driven by a few people seeking to gain huge media coverage. But what they represent, flow blockages via religion, are present in virtually every aspect of society from government to school curriculum. That’s why understanding flow is so vital. It’s easy to get swept up in all-Muslims-are-terrorists hysteria or something similar (immigration, gay rights, Obama is the devil, etc.)
Remember, anytime someone or some organization uses God as a weapon they are trying to block your flow one way or another.