Free Teleseminar “I’m lost! Where do I go from here?” recording now available!

Due to overwhelming demand I have made the free teleseminar “I’m lost! Where do I go from here?” available for listening anytime.

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New teleseminar – The Third Way: Building YOUR foundation for success in today’s uncertain world

Today’s world is simply too unpredictable and chaotic for the traditional way of doing things to work. What’s needed is a new approach, one that truly gives you the tools necessary to succeed in any circumstance, anywhere, anytime.

That’s where The Third Way – Building your foundation for success in today’s chaotic world comes in.

This […]

That’s the way things are, part two

Okay, so it’s easy to believe that “that’s the way things are” is wrong and that you should be yourself when living your life. True, but make sure you are doing everything through flow. I have met an endless number of people who say they are independent and live their life how they want […]