You’re a failure. Yahoo! says so!

Every morning I get online and check the news from a few sources, starting with Yahoo! I find Yahoo! extremely interesting as it dawned on me that it is 100% representative of the “Old Guard”, the world without flow and with flow blockages.

Their “news” is heavily weighted towards “look how amazing celebrities and the […]

I’m giving everything to charity (just ignore how I got it)

You may have heard that Bill & Melinda Gates (together the richest people in the world) have combined efforts with Warren Buffett (the second richest person in the world) to create a $600 billion challenge. Basically, they are asking the world’s super rich (even Oprah!) to contribute 50% or more of their net worth […]

Zombie attack! (Another life lesson in flow and true life’s purpose)

I stumbled upon this interesting movie called Fido the other day. It’s a satirical comedy about 1950’s America with one twist — people turn into zombies after they die.

I encourage you to watch the movie from a flow perspective. Why? It is a fantastic example of how friends, family and society can create flow […]

The Bhopal disaster. Where is God?

Here is an issue that brings flow to the forefront, as hard as it is to fathom.

On December 3, 1984 at Union Carbide pesticide plant released 40 tons of toxic gas that killed 4,000 instantly and 15,000 over time. To date it ranks as the worst industrial disaster in history. Today, June 7, 2010, […]

That’s the way things are, part two

Okay, so it’s easy to believe that “that’s the way things are” is wrong and that you should be yourself when living your life. True, but make sure you are doing everything through flow. I have met an endless number of people who say they are independent and live their life how they want […]