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Are you in transition?

By August 14, 2019May 13th, 2020No Comments

Virtually every client who has come for an in-person session over the past few months has been in transition. And these transitions are not minor! People are redefining their lives, mainly because their “beings” are tired of flow blockages—and are letting their flow come through. This is truly amazing to experience.

There are a few other things these people have in common:

They aren’t sure exactly what is happening to them. They know they are in some sort of transition but aren’t sure where they are going. This is 100% normal and I often equate it with a first time pregnancy—they’re experiencing emotions, feelings, and other events they aren’t accustomed to, and therefore these things feel foreign. In reality, what is coming out is their TRUE selves, what they were supposed to “be like” all along.

All these clients have amazing gifts that, directly or indirectly, are going to play an important part in this new world that is happening – an era where all that matters is flow and things such as hatred, fear, bigotry, greed and the rest are no longer needed to “succeed”.

So if you believe yourself to be in transition, even if you can’t really determine exactly why you feel that way, your gifts are most likely ready to spring forth. Imagine how fulfilling life will be when you are in flow and all those around are as well!


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