You probably heard that a Florida district judge, Roger Vinson, ruled that the government healthcare mandate, commonly called Obamacare, is unconstitutional since the Constitution says (in HIS opinion) that the federal government cannot force individual American citizens to pay for insurance.

The reason this issue has a lot to do with flow is that this argument brings up a huge can of worms, one that has been there for decades. What do I mean? Do an internet search and you will discover many people have said the existence of the IRS is unconstitutional as the federal government is forcing individual citizens to pay for taxes.

What is the difference between this healthcare ruling and the legal existence of the IRS? Basically, nothing, depending on the INTERPRETATION of the Constitution. Take what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently said about the 14th Amendment – equal protection under the law. He claims this amendment does NOT apply to sex discrimination, so therefore women and gay people can be discriminated against if individual states feel it’s okay. I find his comment hilarious since, as always, he’s not talking about a level playing field. He’s talking about allowing rights for certain people that the majority (males, straight couples, etc.) already have. A curious stand given America is supposed to be the land of the free where all are equal. As they say, some are clearly more equal than others.

I also see all this hypocrisy and paradoxical rulings/statements like the existence of the tobacco industry. If you invented a product that killed/caused immediate damage to humans when used as directed (as opposed to something like a pesticide that has warnings for use) it would never be allowed on the market. And if it was you would be sued out of existence. Yet tobacco companies, firms that create products that kill/injure when used as directed, continue to prosper and have yet to be sued out of existence.

All of which leads to your flow. Obviously there are NO set rules in this world, even when it comes to “set in stone” things like the U.S. Constitution. So rather than relying on laws or lack of laws to tell you how to live, you have to turn inward and find what makes you successful (and how you should live) yourself.