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Again, keep in mind fear does not exist in flow. That means to overcome it you have to take a radically different approach to dealing with it. “Overcome” isn’t really the right word. It makes fear sound like an obstacle that will show up again — you overcome fear this time but it will be a lifetime battle. Such thinking gives tremendous power to flow blockages, as you are always on the defensive, often to the point of fearing to be in fear!

Take a rent or mortgage payment. Every month you are fearful you won’t make it. You find your flow (or think you have found it) and overcome the fear. But then next month you spend the every day worried and fearful that you have overcome the fear of not making it again. It’s like an ongoing battle that you can never win. This is why flow is never, ever a battle. You don’t overcome fear or conquer it as if it’s some enemy that plagues your life.

Fear does not exist in flow. And if it does not exist that means it cannot exist even as a “vanquished enemy”. This gives too much credit to something that can literally ruin your life. Want proof? Challenge yourself to a media game. Don’t listen or read any news for a week. It’s okay — you’ll get the relevant information from other sources. Now keep a diary of how you feel about the world and your own situation. Most importantly, keep track of what you are afraid of.

After the week is up watch a bunch of news programs and read the newspapers. How do you feel? What are you afraid of?

The point? Fear is totally irrational. When you didn’t have any outside fear influences your fear was dramatically lessened. Conversely, it was heightened by fear mongering via the news and other media.


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