About David Leigh Weber

For more than 25 years David Leigh Weber was a copywriter and brand strategist, working with two-person startups, Fortune 10 multinationals, and everything in-between. His work generated tens of millions of dollars in sales, and helped launch numerous products, services and even companies. This was no easy feat. Success in this profession was like that of a Hollywood actor —100% subjective. All the research & facts in the world could never guarantee a blockbuster movie, and the same applied to every project David worked on. Yet he succeeded.

Curious by nature, David realized there was something else going on beyond what education and training could promise. He wanted to know what made people really successful in life, and not just from a financial standpoint. After holding more than 30,000+ conversations and interviews with thousands of people including global leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, personal coaches, and other truly successful types he soon discovered that the root of such success was something called flow, a person’s true life purpose.

By understanding flow a person can literally accomplish anything. How? Everything attempted is done so because the person knows it will generate success. This dramatically reduces the time, effort and even money spent on wellness and personal development goals. Everything becomes effortless and second nature, just like breathing.

Unfortunately, David soon realized that people from all walks of life were ignoring their flow yet trying to succeed. They would approach their lives from an “intellectual” standpoint, telling themselves this is how to be successful whether it was or not. This severely hindered their abilities to advance both personally and professionals since they were always ‘swimming against the tide’ even when participating in career/personal development programs. Even worse, traditional self help methods designed to “break through” blockages often had the opposite effect — more blockages were created since the participant felt s/he had failed. Why? Traditional programs took a one-size-fits-all approach and people simply aren’t designed that way.

That’s why in 2003 David decided to found what would ultimately become Learn About Flow, an organization dedicated to empowering people to find their true selves, what makes them their most successful on every level. Since that time Learn About Flow has helped hundreds find the contentment and life purpose they had always dreamed of.

Today David is an author (My Life Has No Purpose!), sought after speaker, and evangelist for true mind-body-spirit wellness. He has a B.A. in English & History from the University of Rochester and an M.A. in Communications from the Newhouse School (Syracuse University). Originally from New England, David now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can learn more about David and flow by watching the video or contacting him directly via E-mail or 650-759-1636.

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